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n City, were transferred to hospitals in Taiyuan early Tuesday. The▓ remaining 55 patients were recovering in local hospitals▓ and were in good condition. The medical team s▓till refused media interviews with the miners in order to "keep

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the patients calm." "Some of the patien▓ts are still very agitated and talkative. It is ▓not good for them to talk with reporters, but nurses have c▓hatted with them about family-related topics as part of t▓heir psychological therapy," sai

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d Wu Ruixia, the nurse in charge at the hospital. Xinhua reporters heard t▓he miner from Yangcheng say he and colleagues▓ built a wooden platform, while they were ▓trapped underground. "More than 20 of us huddled on the▓ platform to stay

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dry in the flooded pit. We also built rafts in the hope that we might row out, ▓but we failed," he said. He was among 115▓ miners rescued alive from the mine on Monday aft▓er being trapped underground for eight days and nights. "Many of

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us collected paper floating o▓n the water, put it in our pockets and ate it when we felt hungry. We also drank the flood water. Some even chewed the coal to quench the hunger," he said. A miner who said he was from central China's Hunan

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Pr▓ovince was in good condition in the Hejin People's Hospita▓l. He said he was on his first day at work in the mi▓ne on March 28, when the flood occurred. "All of▓ a sudden, the exit was submerged. I attached myself to a▓ pole with my wai

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stband. I was in the water f▓or three days," he said. Doctors have prepared treatment p▓lans for each of the survivors. After being trapped▓ for more

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rganizers of the Pizza and Pasta Expo held in Paris on Wednesday. The group broug▓ht together the country's best pizza makers and pitted them again

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and copious amounts of tomato sauce, Rabah Zaoui w▓as crowned the champion. Typically French, the chef from Carcassonne said the secret to his success w▓a

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Rabah Zaoui, French pizza champion, said, "For a good pizza, you have to have good dough. For me the dough is very important. At▓ least I think so. I would compare it to a saucepan that is going to hold an ingredient that I've prepared. So with a good quality dough you make a goo▓d pizza." Jury member Patrick Asfaux agreed that the key ▓was a solid base. And since he is a Mich▓elin-starred chef himself, he should know. Patrick Asfaux, member of jury, said, "We're always looking for originalit▓y.

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ter with salt and yeast. Af▓ter you have those things, you can work wonders." France is the second biggest consumer of pizza in▓ the world after the USA - even ahead of the Italian inv▓entors. The industry is worth three million euros a year wit▓h an average of ten kilograms of pizza consumed every year by each person in France -

ten times the amount of hamburgers eaten.BEIJING, March 22 -- The cities of Chengdu and Chongqing are famous for their different kinds of hot pots and there are endless arguments about whic▓h one is

more delicious or spicier. It will only take 56 minutes by train for people from Chengdu to eat hot po

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